Fiverr Alternative – Microdojo

microdojoMicrodojo as the name suggests is a micro-transaction site where clients can pay small amounts of money for goods or services provided by a ‘ninja’. A ‘ninja’ is a service provider who is prepared to offer their services for a small amount of money. These services are referred to as gigs. As far as I could tell, all gigsĀ range fromĀ $5 – $100 depending on what service you want to provide.


The site has a surprisingly high number of available gigs to browse through considering the site has only just launched this year. There are your standard gigs such as writing articles and driving traffic as well as some more out-there options.


The interface is easy on the eye and simple to use. The ninja theme works really well and differentiates Microdojo well from its competition. Signing up was easy and only took me a couple of minuets. Unlike some other similar sites, I found Microdojo very easy to navigate. I was able to find relevant gigs quickly and easily which has not always been my experience with

micro-transaction sites, its a very good fiverr alternative


The gigs are broken up into different categories in order to help you find exactly what your looking for. Their is also a helpful search bar to assist you in further narrowing your search. Many of the gigs on Microdojo appear to be oriented towards internet marketing making it a must visit if you are looking for anything IM related. While the site is lite on in some other areas, the variety of available gigs will grow with time.


For service providers, becoming a ninja is a simple process and it seems there is no limit to the amount of gigs you can create. The pay structure is straight forward with ninjas earning $4 for every task completed. ($1 goes to keep Microdojo running!)


Overall Microdojo shows a lot of promise.


I give it 4 stars.

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